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Short Notes with $random Topics

# I spontaneously tried out a color test for my pixeled people and updated my Twitter profile and then updated my complete CSS for the website. That just escalated a bit.

# A short video of the fourth version of the Humans indie game project was recorded. You can see the coordinates of the player, the centered camera and the randomly created grasses.

# Today the wip article Plant a Hass Avocado is online and maybe this plant will bear fruit in seven years.

# I extended the article Adventures in Game Development last night. The week I found a good way to solve the problem with the flowers and grasses. For the preparations I have written three paragraphs and a table. I think it's a pity that I have so many tasks in reality that need to be improved, because I would like to work full time on the Humans computer game. So far this is not possible and I can only see it as a funny hobby.

#Actually the 2018 released computer game Exiled Kingdom is too bad for a review. The music is exhausting, the controls inaccurate and the graphics on the level of Diablo 1. Nevertheless I've been playing it for three hours and it's a lot of fun. Why? Why do so many people still play Ultima Online or Old School RuneScape?

#Today, for the first time in our lives, we harvested home-grown chard and ate it as a salad. It was incredibly tasty, even though the quantity per person was very small.

#Today I saw an in-game advertising in an indie game for the first time and wrote about it in the article Small Rules for Indie Game Devs. I have blocked all other games of the developer and will continue to do so with all games that implement IGA in their games.

# I uploaded version 0.29 of the Alligator Browser. This time I have added several functions that allow you to surf faster and to search e.g. in different Wikipedia sources. Therefore I created an requirements.txt file, which should facilitate the installation of the browser.

# The article The boring Web has been updated with a new chapter Browser as Gatekeeper. I have written about how browsers manipulate our perception and view of the world wide web.

# The article Small Rules for indie game Devs has been updated with two new chapters. One time I wrote about why I test most indie game games with virustotal and why, in my opinion, indie game devs should port their games to Mac and Linux as well.

# Today I released the new version of the Alligator Browser 0.28. In this version I fixed the design problems from version 0.27. In addition, I have finally made a small but useful change. If you enter wiki/$searchstring now, the english wikipedia will search for this term immediately (e.g. wiki/tomato). You don't have to search through the duckduckgo search engine anymore. This was important to me, because I always look first in the wikipedia for a rough research and continue working from there through the network. I have created a small video which shows this in more detail.

# The article Adventures in Game Development has been changed in many places. There were some points I didn't like and therefore changed. Additionally I wrote the subchapter about the Biome. Besides, I recorded a video in which you can see how the char is controlled in the game with the XBox controller.

# Today I was in the city center and saw an offer for an Asteroids shirt. Asteroids and Pong were the first two games in my life I played on the Atari 2600. When we grow up time passes much faster than in our childhood. But that doesn't mean I don't play computer games as much.

# I updated my tomato project and published the first scientific data.

# Since I didn't have a current backup after the last crash of my hard disk, I filled my article Adventures in Game Development with new cartridges and screenshots. I also uploaded a short video in the archive, which shows the current point of view of the development of the computer game humans.

# I wrote in a blog post earlier that I wrote a comment to an uploadfilter post. Some kids said that you can get a 12 hours ban on Twitter if you want to upload a screenshot. Since I have to check everything carefully, I can tell you here. I am banned for 12 hours. Whether this is a false flag or an upload filter(?) in a test phase, I can only guess. The text of the screenshot is: CDU retreat - Climate protection as a business model: CDU relies on certificate trading and air taxis. With Imgur, the screenshot does not seem to cause any problems.

# I released version 0.27 of the Alligator Browser today. Changes can be found in the changelog or in the news. The biggest change concerns websites that don't use CSS background, like or I changed that and now always a default white background is displayed.

# I had written a commentary on a critical tweet of a young person and after some time a conversation developed. Unfortunately male German computer scientists have the problem to advise other people with superhuman german it splaining again and again. I don't like that and a lot of people I know (not from germany) don't like this characteristic of german computer scientists either. It follows immediately after the unpopular peculiarity to pack everything in rules (see german wikipedia) and to destroy whole projects completely.

# I built a little NASA insect hotel for my balcony. All insects are cordially invited to live there.

# I decided to give my tomatoes a little jump start and fertilize them a little. How I proceeded exactly can be read in the updated plant tomato seeds article.

# I planted a lemon from Greece that was brought to me from a holiday. 5-6 weeks of cultivation and 4-5 years until the first flowering. If I have the patience for it. Let's have a look.

# A few days ago I played the visual novel missed messages by Angela He. After a friendly request, she gave me permission to record a longplay. But I decided to show only one ending. I am of the opinion that you should play the game yourself because of its incredibly high quality.

# I installed the DOSBox and learned how to install a game. In the article Install Daggerfall in DOSBox you can read how to install Bethesda's Daggerfall. But since I always start at the beginning of a series, I will play The Elder Scrolls: Arena first.

# The developers of Plug & Play have contacted me by mail and made me aware of their new project KIDS. I bought it on Steam. I liked KIDS so much that I wrote a review and recorded a longplay.

# Unfortunately I not only had to interrupt my Humans project, but could only access a premature backup. But now I often do small work in progess videos to document my project work.

# I've just finished reading the new issue of Wireframe gaming magazine and I'm thrilled. I use the wireframe to inform myself about news, rumors and indie games. I've also heard about Pico8, which I'm working on. Even if you can buy the Mag as a print version, it is also offered as a free .pdfdownload and the quality and design is excellent.

# A few days ago I linked my article why i won't play your mobile game at news.ycombinator. The comments were almost all positive and I also got good reviews regarding my website. It is now also readable on mobile devices. I didn't expect so much feedback.

# New longplays I uploaded to the archive are: It's Spring Again, Plug & Play and Butterfly Soup. I want to extend this in the future, but I also had to find out that my laptop is reaching its limits. Therefore there will be new longplays rather irregularly.