# In the next weeks there will be massive updates on my website, because the project scales faster than I expected. I will therefore automate and optimize some processes so that I have less work and can publish updates faster. I also want to implement some ideas and extend my project. I have published an article on how to install RubyFrontier.

# I wrote a article about howto install MacOS Sierra in VirtualBox on Manjaro Linux. This tutorial is available hundreds of times on the internet, but I like to have it near me, if I need it again. Besides, I learn better if I process it again personally for myself (as a article).

# The first Sunviva tomato plant has got its first flower and I am so happy.

# I've been dealing with the Apple MacOs Sierra all day today. First and foremost I wanted to find my way around. Since MaOS is also based on Unix, I had no problems with the commands in the terminal. As you can see on the screenshot, I just downloaded the Alligator Binary and tried to start it. Of course it didn't work because it was compiled on Manjaro. You can still try it anyway. This brings us to the actual topic.

So far I have developed and published the Alligator Browser on Linux. First in open source versions, then only the binaries. I love open source and I love Linux, but unfortunately there are two problems. I also love design and when something looks nice. This is true for art, music and software. Of course developers in the different Linux communities try hard to bring a little more design into their own developments but unfortunately there is no company behind it. Apple has hundreds of employees, so that the design of the Apple product looks uniform. I want the same for my browser. Not only do I want a functional and minimalist design, I also want it to fit into the Apple universe.

That brings us to the second point. I want to earn money with my software and I can understand the hate of the open source community. I've worked on some projects and realized that I'm not a team player. I lead projects and other positions force me to cut down my ideas, talents and concepts. I can't subordinate myself and I don't want to. I develop the Alligator Browser, not the community. The browser is a product and products are sold. So I will continue to develop the software on the MacOS system, even if it costs me a lot of extra work. I gave Windows and Linux a chance, but both operating systems could not convince me (in the area of software development). I think now is the time to give Apple a chance.

# The version 0.33 (Alpha) - Melanostoma Cintella of the Alligator Browser has been released. There are some changes to the previous version. has been integrated as a search engine again, because it takes too long with for me. Of course I'm not quite happy with the result yet, but the Europeans are just too slow in their development. I have added two new surf shorts, including and I use these pages every day and that's why I added them. Also the cosmic voidspace page on Gitlab I have to call several times a day and have a system short built in. I also added the share link with email function again, because I missed it after a few days. This will be changed in the future, so that users are not bound to an external software. In addition there is the very simple and minimalistic text editor, which will also be rebuilt in the future. It was important to me to store texts, links and images quickly. That's it for this version. In the next one some bigger problems should be tackled and I finally want to take care of an idea.

# The tomato article has been updated and there are two important notes. During the weeks I made a mistake. We are not in the fourth week, but in the sixth. I took out the graphics for the growth data again, because I will publish them towards the end of the project. Now it's too much work to keep this data up to date.

# The new work in progress video (german) for my tomato project.

# I created and uploaded a very minimal text editor. This will be built into the next version of the Alligator Browser. Sometimes there are ideas that are so simple and ingenious that you have to find out if HTML isn't much more powerful than you thought.

# I have undertaken a small plastic test and created myself fake styrene. I think I will continue to explore in this direction.

# In the Hass Avocado project is a new photo, which shows very nicely the first root. By the way, I updated the how to safe money article and wrote something about smartphone and social media. Finally I wrote a game review for the ultra ingenious game Rise to Ruins.

# The second version of my bookbinding press has been released. By the tip of a friend, I have solved a problem and can work therefore in the future still more exactly.

# python Just for Fun.

# I added a new chapter to the help article for indie game devs. This time I have dealt with Twitter and the game dev profile websites.

# had an interesting discussion today. I spontaneously published the new version of the Alligator Browser (v32). I had already seen the changes last week, but haven't had time to implement them yet. Here the points briefly explained. The function to share links via email only works if the user can change the mail link, so I commented it out until I found a solution. The download link is not to be set, if you calculate the hash sum before. I have to take a closer look, how I can solve this. So far this is a little henne und Ei. What comes first? Since I want to keep the software international I deleted the surf short for fefes blog. In addition there was a new system short for the comment section on my website.

# I have a positive book review of the book: How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt written and recommend this work to all people who want to deal with fascism and American politics. I would also like to mention once again that books are available for exchange at the Société de Livres. If you have any questions, you can find my e-mail address in the imprint.

# My hass avocado finally shows the first signs of growth and then the underside forms the first very small root.

# The article how to safe money was updated with a subchapter. This time I describe how you can save money by using the water more sparingly.

# I bought a SimValley SX-305 and have to hack the SIM card to fit into the big slot. This worked much better than I had imagined. So I could adapt my article without a smartphone and add a subchapter.

# Within a very short period of time I was again involved with model building and created three Starfisher models. Afterwards I have a new hobby.

# The article my last day with firefox was updated with the new paragraph finally a step foreward.

# I recorded and uploaded the wonderful visual novel One Night Stand as a longplay.

# I haven't had such a good feeling for a long time and that's really weird. Since I didn't always want to open my browser project from the console, I installed it with sudo cp alligator /usr/bin in my system. With Manjaro I can then simply enter the keyboard combination ctrl+d and open the program. It feels really good, like official software. Of course, my project is still a long way from being released as an official package, but I'm a bit further away from Firefox, which I want to get rid of as soon as possible. Wow! I'm in a really good mood right now. Now all I have to do is make the Alligator Browser feel the same for other people.

# Since I don't have time to set up my own server and the maximum artifacts size thing at has already cost much too much time, I rebuilt everything a little bit. At you can also upload software. Since I don't care where my software is stored at the moment, the archive is quite convenient for me. There I can store the software for posterity. Unfortunately the update link doesn't work within the software and I found more bugs today, which have to be fixed in the next version. But as I said above, I just want to make the 0.31 version available to the users now and not have to keep up with small things, because my whole schedule got mixed up and now I have to rearrange it within one day. Gitlab is great and has a lot of advantages, but I notice the little disadvantages. So for example the 10 Gb limit and at the latest there I have to plan everything new.

# I'm just noticing the limitations at and have to look for some solutions now. I think I have to take up the idea with my own server. P.s. The Gitlab documentation is really confusing.

# Alligator 31 has been released. From this version on the Alligator Browser is only available as binary file. If you are interested in the sourcecode, you have to open the software and examine it yourself.

# Instead of working, I did a little handicrafts last weekend.

# I am a very big friend of automation and shell scripting helps there. Instead of five lines I now only have to enter three lines in my terminal to upload my files to the Gitlab server.

# Today I spontaneously built a MCU Friend 2.8" TFT Shield helper for my Cyberdeck project and made a short video about it. In english. In the future I will only create my videos in english, because I want to enlarge my target group. As this is my first video of this kind, please excuse my bad grammar and pronunciation. I will practice this even more in the next videos.

# The four tables in the tomato project were summarized and I created line diagrams for the first 14 days.

# It's just 23° hot and I'm sitting naked in front of my laptop. It will get much warmer today. I just zipped the Alligator Browser/0.30 (Alpha) package and loaded to the server. There are some changes I will describe here.

The first big change is the switch from duckduckgo to the search engine. The change was difficult, but the disadvantage of the previous provider outweighed it. As I have described in an accompanying article, I am not yet completely satisfied with this search engine and I will lobby in various places until my ideas can prevail. I am there very persevering and do not give up there so easily.

since there are a lot of smart shitting script kiddys that know everything better and i don't want to have anything to do with them, I have replaced identifiers that speak for themselves with random strings. this makes the sourcecode harder to read and it's no longer so easy to see what the individual functions do. I also do this for self-protection because there are some download functions that are legal but some vendors don't like to see.

In the meantime I put an old logo back into the zip package, improved the search function for the Wikipedia articles with Regex. A static status bar implemented and some small bugs fixed. I also deleted all comments. See a paragraph above. I added a small text editor. It can't do anything so far and will be extended in the next versions. I have noticed that I often need a text editor, but I have to access it inconveniently via the i3 menu. I want to shorten this way, because otherwise it takes too long for me. So far the text editor has no basic functions like save, open etc. and is only built in as mockup, so that I don't forget it again.

That was it for this version and I will continue to work on the project in the next weeks.

# The article how to lose customers was extended by two more entries.

# Since it should be sunny the next days, I took my Agfa analog camera out of the drawer and will take some photos the days.

# I have published two project documentations. One is how to make a small hand drill out of old electrical scrap and the other is how to etch a PCB in yourself using the direct transfer method.

# Just i'm thinning my external hard drives because i just sort the contents. I find some old material, which I integrate into my website. So I uploaded three new pixelart, created a new subpage for design (digital pen, Gimp, Krita, Inkscape etc.) and linked the covers of my noise albums to the sourcecode.

# The tomatoes have been measured and they are growing faster than expected. A table has been created that shows the current data. All in all, I am satisfied with the results of the trial so far, although three plants of the Sunviva variety are no longer used for the next generation.

# A technical article why in the future the search will be implemented in the Alligator Browser.

# My avocado seed has started to crack and it looks exciting.

# Just in time for the weekend I uploaded the longplay for ZE FIELD.

# To the Cyberdeck I recorded a video and uploaded it to Unfortunately it is in german language, but as it is under public domain license you can download it legally and add subs to it. Maybe I will create english subs in the future. But then I have to read myself into video editing.

# For a long time it was quiet about the Cyberdeck project, but now the new version has finally been released. The Cyberdeck V5 now runs with solar power.

# Between all the purchased AAA titles, I also like to play underground indie games. Therefore I wrote reviews about the games Thirteen & Half Cats, Ze Field and The Things We Lost In The Flood game. All three titles are worthwhile if you just want to play something in a break.

# I played the Legend of Keepers demo and am convinced that the upcoming release will be quite good. Anyway, I haven't seen any points that have bothered me yet. If you want an overview of what alpha demos and upcoming releases I'm watching, just have a look at my alpha list.

# Since I received today's newsletter from an indie game studio where I saw some critical points, the article Small Rules for Indie Game Devs has been updated with a new subchapter.

# I've updated the article Plant Tomato Seeds. Unfortunately I received two plants. The others grew so well that they could be placed on the balcony.

# I spontaneously tried out a color test for my pixeled people and updated my Twitter profile and then updated my complete CSS for the website. That just escalated a bit.

# A short video of the fourth version of the Humans indie game project was recorded. You can see the coordinates of the player, the centered camera and the randomly created grasses.

# Today the wip article Plant a Hass Avocado is online and maybe this plant will bear fruit in seven years.

# I extended the article Adventures in Game Development last night. The week I found a good way to solve the problem with the flowers and grasses. For the preparations I have written three paragraphs and a table. I think it's a pity that I have so many tasks in reality that need to be improved, because I would like to work full time on the Humans computer game. So far this is not possible and I can only see it as a funny hobby.

#Today I saw an in-game advertising in an indie game for the first time and wrote about it in the article Small Rules for Indie Game Devs. I have blocked all other games of the developer and will continue to do so with all games that implement IGA in their games.

# I uploaded version 0.29 of the Alligator Browser. This time I have added several functions that allow you to surf faster and to search e.g. in different Wikipedia sources. Therefore I created an requirements.txt file, which should facilitate the installation of the browser.

# The article The boring Web has been updated with a new chapter Browser as Gatekeeper. I have written about how browsers manipulate our perception and view of the world wide web.

# The article Small Rules for indie game Devs has been updated with two new chapters. One time I wrote about why I test most indie game games with virustotal and why, in my opinion, indie game devs should port their games to Mac and Linux as well.

# Today I released the new version of the Alligator Browser 0.28. In this version I fixed the design problems from version 0.27. In addition, I have finally made a small but useful change. If you enter wiki/$searchstring now, the english wikipedia will search for this term immediately (e.g. wiki/tomato). You don't have to search through the duckduckgo search engine anymore. This was important to me, because I always look first in the wikipedia for a rough research and continue working from there through the network. I have created a small video which shows this in more detail.

# The article Adventures in Game Development has been changed in many places. There were some points I didn't like and therefore changed. Additionally I wrote the subchapter about the Biome. Besides, I recorded a video in which you can see how the char is controlled in the game with the XBox controller.

# I updated my tomato project and published the first scientific data.

# Since I didn't have a current backup after the last crash of my hard disk, I filled my article Adventures in Game Development with new cartridges and screenshots. I also uploaded a short video in the archive, which shows the current point of view of the development of the computer game humans.

# I released version 0.27 of the Alligator Browser today. Changes can be found in the changelog or in the news. The biggest change concerns websites that don't use CSS background, like or I changed that and now always a default white background is displayed.

# I built a little NASA insect hotel for my balcony. All insects are cordially invited to live there.

# I decided to give my tomatoes a little jump start and fertilize them a little. How I proceeded exactly can be read in the updated plant tomato seeds article.

# A few days ago I played the visual novel missed messages by Angela He. After a friendly request, she gave me permission to record a longplay. But I decided to show only one ending. I am of the opinion that you should play the game yourself because of its incredibly high quality.

# I installed the DOSBox and learned how to install a game. In the article Install Daggerfall in DOSBox you can read how to install Bethesda's Daggerfall. But since I always start at the beginning of a series, I will play The Elder Scrolls: Arena first.

# The developers of Plug & Play have contacted me by mail and made me aware of their new project KIDS. I bought it on Steam. I liked KIDS so much that I wrote a review and recorded a longplay.

# Unfortunately I not only had to interrupt my Humans project, but could only access a premature backup. But now I often do small work in progess videos to document my project work.

# A few days ago I linked my article why i won't play your mobile game at news.ycombinator. The comments were almost all positive and I also got good reviews regarding my website. It is now also readable on mobile devices. I didn't expect so much feedback.

# New longplays I uploaded to the archive are: It's Spring Again, Plug & Play and Butterfly Soup. I want to extend this in the future, but I also had to find out that my laptop is reaching its limits. Therefore there will be new longplays rather irregularly.