My fucking quarter for any kind of shit

# The new Star Trek: Picard Teaser is ultra good. I still like to be cautious, although as a Star Trek fanboy I can't hide my hype.

# The best way to learn programming is to look at other people's code. Therefore open source software has some advantages. If you want to become a game programmer, you should definitely have a look at the game source collection on archive. There you will find all kinds of treasures, like SimCity, Doom or Jagged Alliance 2.

# Today the new album The Absence /// DSK 016 by Silent EM. was running all the time while programming. It is so wonderfully melancholic and reminds me a little of the musically glorious 80-90' in Germany. A great album from a very talented musician.

# I just watched the Netflix Witcher trailer, and yeah, fine. What should I say? It was super Legolas man packed into a Game of Thrones universe. The series will be a massive fail and can convince me to 0%. The setting is bad, the costumes suck and the special effects are from 2008.

# The best social network ever - E-Mail: It's been far too long and I really can't remember when I wrote my first email. Also not how many addresses I already had. That is quite a lot. But what I can always remember is that e-mail is still my favourite channel if I want to stay in touch with people. For my work I quickly write some information and send it to a customer. I am subscribed to countless newsletters that keep me up to date on the latest computer games. I was subscribed to MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, but none of these social networks could keep me going any longer. Always too much of a good thing, still a newer development. Always better and faster on the digital data highway. I'm currently switching from Thunderbird to Mutt. I like it minimalistic. Simple. I write a mail and get an answer. no HMTL and hidden tracking pixels. I can encrypt my mails and don't have to rely on the closed source of a digital company. If I have a technical affinity, I can even set up an e-mail server and be an admin for hundreds of accounts. A lot of work and responsibility to do it privately. Even in 2019 e-mail will still be the best social network and that won't change any time soon.

# A new issue of the incredibly good Wireframe gaming magazine. Wireframe No. 18. This magazine is even a reason to build me a tablet.

# I have just looked at the new design and was apparently lucky to unsubscribe from this service one day earlier.

# Unfortunately I don't have a smartphone and I won't be able to download the FaceApp there. Sure, it's a fun app and it's so easy for 150 million people to give away their data. ~1984 is a joke.

# I bought Rising World last night and I think you should finally have enough of survival games. Unfortunately the game is just fun, although it is still in a very early alpha phase. There are a lot of small details that I like and you can see that the developer is trying hard to dev the game. In multiplayer mode there seem to be a lot of people on the way. I have invested my money well.

#If we believe technology is magic, we risk becoming slaves to it. ~ Bunnie Huang

#If you enter online articles at you can read these pages without annoying cookie policy (the Verge), Javascript compulsion (Gamasutra) or static header (New York Times).

#A few weeks ago I couldn't open any videos from the duckduckgo search results with the Alligator. That was apparently changed and I really like it.

#A few days ago I posted this comment:

I haven't known that yet and it's something that bothers me a lot. Startpage pays Big G for the search results.
I do not grant Big G a cent and deny this company any right to exist. Startpage still excites me massively, because the development is so slow and the design and the functions all cumbersome and shit. There's no point in searching for videos and images without Javascript. I just played around a little with my CSS and the ddg search engine and I got the idea to force the CSS. It would have to be adapted from the design, but it would fit much better into the overall concept of the Alligator browser. On the screenshot you can see that a little bit. But that would still not solve the problem that the search queries go to America and there is no subsidiary company in Europe. In the last days I've been getting more and more excited about search engines and the best thing would be a completely new solution without these annoying gatekeepers.

# And at the end of the year Blender will be available as a paid Support Version in the Epic Game Store.

# These detailed plant posters are so beautiful, but unfortunately I just have to save money.

# A german Linux news Youtube channel (Linux Umsteiger) has reported about the Alligator Browser (Timestamp 11:34min). I found it by chance during my research. To be mentioned with Debian 10, CentOS, Trident Project and Arco Linux (etc.) in one video, which was viewed 1,7k times and likened 103 times, is a little surprising. Thanks Joe. P.s. I agree with you, because the Debian website is really confusing and can be made much more intuitive.

# Interesting, but why should I install management and emulation software on steam if I can easily install it with pacman? Even if the article says that no Steam features are installed, I have to log in to Steam and everyone can see what kind of (gray hat) software I am using. At the latest Nintendo will complain against it, because of their pirate paranoia. Btw. I prefer to buy the original retro games and the necessary hardware.

# I've been looking for this idea for a hackable and minimalistic text editor since version 0.1 of the Alligator Browser. Thanks to Benedikt I can add it to the next version of my browser. So far I will do without the implemented Javascript. I'm really only interested in the function of the editor. That solves so many problems at once.

#I was at a flea market yesterday and bought new vintage hardware. The headphones are the Karstadt HP 55 and come from Germany. They were produced in Japan. I don't buy used headphones, but they were unused and in a very good condition. Also the price of 5€ was more than fair and I didn't even trade down because I didn't want to take off the old man. In the Internet these are traded for 25-60€. But I will keep them and only have to buy a new plug to fit my anti smartphone.

# My quarter to the new Steam Labs developments. I think the Micro Trailers are really good and can be introduced in this way. I find the interactive recommender function superfluous. Takes me too long to adjust any knobs and filters. Since I play games of all genres, the neural network cannot do anything with my playtime history, because I play everything and therefore have no taste of my own. I want to have the results in the shop unfiltered (unless I set it extra, e.g. OS Linux etc.). Finally the automatic show. This is much too hectic and reminds me more of American advertising interruptions on TV. I don't like it.

# I'm just playing around with RSS and my colored bananas. I noticed something during the Hackaday feed. Wouldn't it be better if there wasn't a read more link inside the text, so that readers could just read the text?

# It's really interesting how fast you can get Javascript developers on their toes if you hate JS. But they don't bring any reasonable arguments why I need Javascript in my browser.

# I have no idea why this is so, but every time I log out of Steam after a few seconds the login window opens again. most of the time I'm already typing in another window or in the terminal and then switch back into the login text field. This is very exhausting.

# I compare the role of a search engine to the web with that of an archivist to his archive. You have to go in an archive to the archivist so that he can look in his note box where the book is. Only he knows where the books are, because they have been sorted by him according to a secret code. But I want to search for books myself and not be given what I am allowed to search for. I also want to talk to other readers about the books or ask them where I can find their favourite book. Search engines prevent the exchange between users and that prevents an open and free web. Maybe the structure of the web has to be questioned completely anew.

# At the beginning of the year I opened a new Twitter account in the hope that everything there would be a bit better. No, it's not. Twitter is dead. Social media is dead. There's still all the hatred, the manipulaitions that were always outraged, the rumors, the accelerations, the political extremes and the exorbitant narcissism. Nothing has changed. Not with the people and not with the rules. I didn't feel very comfortable on Twitter privately. The second idea was to use Twitter for my work but the feedback or use is 0% given. It's not worth investing time and money there. I have deleted my Acc again and want to concentrate privately and with my work here on the website. Gitlab is also a data silo, but I still own the complete backup. In case of emergency I can simply move. If you want to contact me, just send me a mail. That is, in my opinion, still the best social channel.

# Thanks for the free Age of Wonders III download, but I won't create another Accound just to play the game. and I will play it the days out because I have not seen that you also have to register as a guest. It was a long day and I am a little tired.

# The speedrunner guys are the best game hacker ever. <3

# I haven't known that yet and it's something that bothers me a lot. Startpage pays Big G for the search results.

# I just learned through a discussion that you don't need Javascript for Upvote/Downvote/Login at news.ycombinator and I think that's really good because I can use this page in the Alligator browser.

# If you have seen the break the steam summer sale video of The Spiffing Brit, you can imagine that there is an easier solution to farm points in the Steam Grand Prix. Instead of buying Starbound (you should buy Starbound) and install a mod, you can simply buy an Archivement Spam Game for 0,39€. This one then lets the 1K+ Archivements run out and farms without having to do anything, because each acquired Archivement in the SGP2K19 produced 100 points and thus 100XP (LVL 114). I like the Steam Sale games, but there is still some work to do, because in the next sale all teams (Team Corgi Forever) should have a chance. Btw, I didn't win a game that was on my wish list.

# At the beginning of the year I bought the XBox controller to connect it to my laptop for a computer game. I had some prejudices, but after a few months I am really satisfied. Some games I don't want to play without a controller anymore.

# I dreamed that EA would forbid dropping lootboxes in games. Since they couldn't patch it so fast, the empty boxes were always opened and displayed. But they couldn't respawn and littered the games. I started to build a castle out of the lootboxes, which led to the lootcastle meme. Then my alarm clock rang.

# Is the new From one datasilo to the next.

# The world's worst video card? For the video you should take a few minutes of rest, because this goes very deep into the technical matter of VGA and electrical engineering. Here part 2

# I'd love to play The Count Lucanor and Yuppie Psycho just because of the weird stories, but the problem with the stick on my XBox controller makes me crazy. At first I thought it would only be in one of the two games, but it's really in both titles. Every 0.39€ game on Steam does that better.

# The day before yesterday I had a cancellation for a longplay. I can understand the reasons well and respect the decision of the Indie Game Developer. Nevertheless I could only write a review with it and will probably not use the other productions of the studio for a review.

# The album Cease & Desist by Blarf has been running up and down for days now. Song 3 Banana is my top favorite. So much that I've already played with the thought to cover it. So it fits me very well that Blarf put the album online as a free download. Best guy in the neighborhood. Thanks.

# Today I watched the first season of She-Ra on Netflix and I am thrilled. Although American comic series will never reach the quality of Japanese models, they still try hard.

# Since this morning the sunflower is in bloom and it is just beautiful.

# I noticed that in my ASCII solar system venus, mars, venus and neptune could not be distinguished. I fixed that.

. v²o o° mo O (O) v³o no

# I am programming at the Alligator Browser and spontaneously I got the idea to display the solar system as ASCII-art. By that I mean the planets, mercury, venus, earth (with moon), mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune.

. o o° o O (O) o o

# This is really nice. My roommates gave me a little Alligator stuffed animal as a present. With it the Alligator Browser can have only success.

# Today I found two old computer games in a public bookcase and took them with me. These are the titles Der Druidenzirkel: Im Netz der Träume / Druid: Daemons of the Mind (engl.) and Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies. Since the games are complete with manuals etc. I will make the next days times two unboxing videos. Maybe I can get the games to run in the DOSBox as well. Anyway, I am happy that these two treasures have found their way to me.

# This week we discovered aphids on our dill and salad. We have ordered chrysopidae larvae from the internet because we do our best to avoid chemicals. We then abandoned them today. How much of it will actually survive to eat the aphids will be shown in the next days.

#Actually the 2018 released computer game Exiled Kingdom is too bad for a review. The music is exhausting, the controls inaccurate and the graphics on the level of Diablo 1. Nevertheless I've been playing it for three hours and it's a lot of fun. Why? Why do so many people still play Ultima Online or Old School RuneScape?

#Today, for the first time in our lives, we harvested home-grown chard and ate it as a salad. It was incredibly tasty, even though the quantity per person was very small.

# I wrote in a blog post earlier that I wrote a comment to an uploadfilter post. Some kids said that you can get a 12 hours ban on Twitter if you want to upload a screenshot. Since I have to check everything carefully, I can tell you here. I am banned for 12 hours. Whether this is a false flag or an upload filter(?) in a test phase, I can only guess. The text of the screenshot is: CDU retreat - Climate protection as a business model: CDU relies on certificate trading and air taxis. With Imgur, the screenshot does not seem to cause any problems.

# Today I was in the city center and saw an offer for an Asteroids shirt. Asteroids and Pong were the first two games in my life I played on the Atari 2600. When we grow up time passes much faster than in our childhood. But that doesn't mean I don't play computer games as much.

# I had written a commentary on a critical tweet of a young person and after some time a conversation developed. Unfortunately male German computer scientists have the problem to advise other people with superhuman german it splaining again and again. I don't like that and a lot of people I know (not from germany) don't like this characteristic of german computer scientists either. It follows immediately after the unpopular peculiarity to pack everything in rules (see german wikipedia) and to destroy whole projects completely.

# I planted a lemon from Greece that was brought to me from a holiday. 5-6 weeks of cultivation and 4-5 years until the first flowering. If I have the patience for it. Let's have a look.

# I've just finished reading the new issue of Wireframe gaming magazine and I'm thrilled. I use the wireframe to inform myself about news, rumors and indie games. I've also heard about Pico8, which I'm working on. Even if you can buy the Mag as a print version, it is also offered as a free .pdfdownload and the quality and design is excellent.