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[...] Search for project [Browsergame]. Its [a PC-Game] fan based development.

I like fan projects very much, but unfortunately I don't play browser games. Like free games, these are designed to keep you playing online as long as possible. I can't test that. I am also of the opinion that the hype about browser games has been over for ten years. I also don't play games where I have to create an account and log in via the browser. That is too insecure for me. If there is an offline version where you don't have to log in, I like to try it out. But this version has to be up-to-date and updated regularly. All in all I don't like browser games because they are too slow in my opinion. I don't play games, I test them.

Hi bro i'm a designer, would you be interested in some design?

I think it's good when young designers ask for jobs offensively but friendly. I don't have a problem with that. But at the moment I don't do orders. I can do most of the work myself because I studied design for two years. I also have enough professional designers in my circle of friends. Of course you can ask me, but there are a few points you should keep in mind. A single picture of an unpublished order is not a serious reference for me. You should have at least 20 different projects. Please create an account at Deviantart or Instragram, where I can have a quick look. It would even be best if you had your own site with a portfolio. A little tip from my own experience as a freelancer. You should first do some work with your friends before addressing strangers on Twitter. Then you should already say for what you want to make a design. You must have a concrete line in mind if you want to work with me. I don't want to be given vouchers either. Thank you.

Which resolution are you using?

1366 x 768. If necessary, I can switch to two other monitors with 1680 x 1050 and 1440 x 900.

Why don't you download the game.exe file I sent you by mail?

Seriously. Who are you trying to bury? As I already mentioned here, I test computer games on Linux. Not Windows! Then your file is on an AWS or Google cloud server and Virustotal shows me a long table with red warnings. How stupid do you think I am? After such a bad phishing attempt, I put your e-mail address on a blacklist and block you from Twitter. Forever. Don't do that. That's stupid and will ruin your reputation forever.

Are you playing free Games on Steam?

No. I know Dota is still one of the popular games on Steam with currently 533,439 players, but I don't like it. I tested it briefly. I don't like it. All in all I don't like most free games on Steam, because somehow there is always a hook like in mobile games that should take the money out of my pocket. Most of them just take too long. I like games that have an end, so that I can finish the test sometime and not sit on a game forever. There is still a lot to discover. Even though many free games on Steam are very well done, I'm not the target group for them and you won't find a title like Dota in my reviews. Sometimes I play small demos or art games, but in very few cases I write about them but only play them privately or link them in my Twitter account.

I saw a Video of you on Twitter. Do you also make Videos?

Yes, but so far only longplays without comments. At the moment I am testing what I can do well or what inspires me. I upload them to and there you can find them under ROB BOSS. Maybe there will be streams or similar formats in the future. As I just said, this is just a test phase. Why not on Youtube?

There are many reasons for that. Youtube has a lot of incomprehensible rules that are always interpreted in favor of Youtube. YT doesn't like how your channel runs and blocks you. On the other hand, in very few cases you can do something and YT gives a fuck that you as content creator invest a lot of time in your videos. The community and comments are in many places often of a slaughtering quality. There are some rules that bother me so I don't want to have a Google account and will definitely not enter my phone number so I can upload videos that are longer than ten minutes. You can't earn any money anyway, unless you make commercial letsplays, Vlogos or other material. I'd rather focus my attention on the indie game scene, because that's where the suspenseful things are published anyway. The copyright claims of individual warning companies are ultra annoying, which just like the German copyright paranoia prevents the creation of good content. There are still many reasons why I don't want to enumerate you here, because the entry then takes too long.

Do you play Mobile Games?

No. I have tried about 30-40 mobile games for Android on my smartphone, but I am not convinced of the quality. There are very different views. Mine is that the concept of a mobile game is always based on money. Play the game, buy new objects etc. Besides, they are perfect games that repeat themselves over and over again. They're like a boring TV series that never gets to a point and never ends. I don't like games that you can play "forever". But my taste changes in the course of time. In addition, the scam rate for mobile games is much too high for me.

Are you a Game Influencer?

I'm not a game influencer. I am a game tester. I buy games and if I like them I write a review. I don't beg to get anything for free. Nobody gets a good review because he kindly provides me with a game. Influencers are scroungers and I don't want to be called such please. Strictly speaking, I am an influencer when I write reviews. But I don't want to be called that.

Can you write a Review for my Demo?

I'm afraid I won't. I once wrote a review for a demo but that was an exception. You can give me a link to your demo/Alpha/Beta and if I like the first impression I will play it too, but unfortunately there is no review. In many cases I like the trailer of the demos so much that I prefer to wait until the complete game is finished. But sometimes I post good demos on my blog or follow the developers at $communityName. So it's definitely worth it for you to send me information or maybe (only if you like) a download link. But since I sometimes see a very good alpha demo and want to keep an eye on it, I have put together a list of good alpha games in the alpha section, which I think the developers have the potential for a real release.

If I give you my Game for free, do I get a positive Review?

No. It is not even sure if I will write a review about your game at all. I test about 40-60 computer games per week and I give at least one review, because I don't like many of them or they are technically too weak. If you want to have a positive review about your game, it costs money and it doesn't appear in general advertising. Advertising has to be marked as such in Europe and I am very honest with my readers*. I don't have a problem writing advertising reviews for games, but that's true again. If I do not like the game, I do not write about it.

Why are all your Reviews positive, where's the Criticism?

I decided to write only positive reviews about computer games because there are too many bad games. You can buy critical reviews from me, but this is an internal business and has nothing to do with my reviews. This is rather a game test. No, it's not for free. I represent the view of the digital evolution. In our digital attention economy a product counts only by likes, clicks and views. Period. If a product doesn't exist in digital, you don't know it in reality. If I write negative reviews I waste your very important lifetime with nonsense that is not worth it. Ten years ago you could put attention on a product with the Streisand effect(SE). That doesn't work anymore in 2019. Now the SE has to be positive, too. Nobody will spend his money on the Sonic movie out of curiosity, just because he heard in the internet how shit the trwailer/teaser is. I invest your time only in computer games, which I would buy and play 100% by myself.


I have been playing computer games (and board games) for 35 years, have been working as a software developer for ten years, and before that worked as a freelancer in advertising for ten years. After my rational estimation of my logical personality and the experience of the last years, I can assume that the concept of a well developed computer game should be known to me. I educate myself daily by Wikipedia, scientific articles, books, LetsPlays, streams, playing computer games etc.. Of course I'm not special and there are hundreds of thousands of people who write good reviews for whom computer games are a job. I'm just doing my job and if it's good enough for the readers* I'll let you decide. Btw I'am Level 46 on Steam. Deal with it.

What's your favorite Genre?

I play everything, from indie games to AAA. What I rather don't like are shooter, fighting games, racing or horror. I play them too, but then the game has to be something special. Fallout New Vegas, for example, is a shooter I liked to play. I can't say that in general, because sometimes there are games that I love. For example, Super Mario Cart is also a racing game. It always depends on the game and I take the liberty to be open for everything that is released. I also planned to play some retro games again, because I couldn't afford them as a child or never played them through. But I am really open minded and gamble everything from Amiga500 to Zilog Z80. There I also play fight games or car races.

Do you make Money with that?

Of course. What do you think? I have just bought a 20 room villa in Helsinki and have just commissioned my butler to write this answer. I drink a non-alcoholic cocktail on the roof terrace while I notice that I should tell Alfred that the helicopter windows still have to be cleaned. Seriously? The Internet doesn't work that way. So far this is all a hobby of mine where I invest my own money (for the computer games) and my free time. Does it work the way I imagine? I don't know. Will I be able to pay my rent? No idea. But even if I have less money a month at the moment, I prefer to work independently on something that I can do very well, instead of delivering only medium work in a bullshit job, but get three times the salary for it.

Which Operating System are you currently using?

Linux. There are personal reasons for this. I tried to play on Windows 10 once, but I would only do that if I got paid for it. So far I don't see a target group for Windows either, because I buy AAA computer games less often. In the future I will extend this to consoles, because I want to test some console only games. I look at how it all develops and keep many doors open for me. New is Persephone which creates reviews for Windows games at very irregular intervals. These reviews will be published on this page as well. But this is just in a test phase and can change quickly.

We have a new Community for Indie Game Developer, would you like to sign up?

A few days ago I signed up for Pico8, Itch and Game Jolt. But I'm in these communities once a week at the most and only look in sporadically, because that doesn't cost me a lot of time. So I don't sign up for new communities that have just been created. Nevertheless I thank you for the invite and maybe I'll sign up later if your project is a little bigger.

Would you like to send me a Text about your Game that I can publish on my Blog?

What the heck! No. Because I haven't published a computer game yet and if you need content for your blog you have to create it on your own. I'am not your free stuff content creator. If I should publish a computer game sometime in the future, texts will be released here on my website. You can then get inspired or simply copy them. Please note the license regulations

Can I send you Steam Keys or buy you Games?

I'd love to. But as I already wrote above, you don't automatically get a good review. Since I only have a limited budget of money to invest in games per month, it increases the chances that I will play the game. I install every new game immediately so that I have a complete overview in my Steam library. What appears in this list is more likely to be seen by me than advertising or a tweet. Of course, I also look for good games myself, but I don't have as much time for that as I would like. But what you should pay attention to. Ask first if I have a certain game and don't just send me which keys. Don't send me fake keys unless you want to damage your reputation forever. That's pretty stupid and on the internet, something like that gets around very quickly.