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ICY: Frostbite Edition Inner Void, Digital Tribe

ICY: Frostbite Edition is a narrative-driven post-apocalyptic survival RPG set in a new Ice Age. When I bought the game from Steam, it didn't look very good. The graphics in the screenshots weren't that convincing and the videos looked like a cheap flash game. This impression is very deceptive, because ICY surprises with high quality graphics of the protagonists, maps and scenes. The inhabitants of the wastelands are always equipped with an individual story which seduces the game deeply and makes the chars more authentic. The dystopian end-time scenario comes across realistically and puts the player in a very good setting. The map is generously designed to accommodate the main story. The actual story is dark and brutal and more suitable for adult players. It's about the sheer survival of your own "family". Members die through accidents, snowstorms or bandits and sometimes you make new friends. In ICY you have a lot to read, which reminds the game of a visual novel, but here the answers always have a strong influence on the further story. The inventory and crafting system is incredibly intuitive and you can assemble weapons, tools or other materials within a few seconds. The sound and music are dark, psychedelic with blurred voices and distorted noises. The random encounters are elaborately designed and the combat system is manageable. Mutants, wolves or bandits are the most common opponents you encounter in white wasteland. Additionally you can collect experince points and level up your char. I only wanted to test the game for a short time and had played for three hours and the time passes quickly in ICY. If you want to play a dystopic ice wasteland story driven post-apocalyptic survival RPG you should buy the game as soon as possible. The price is more than justified. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Time Trap Crisp App Studio

A hidden object game that combines dystopia, crime thriller and time travel. I am thrilled! The scenarios are drawn with the highest degree of skill. Sometimes almost hyper-realistic perfection down to the last brush stroke and the elements to be found are still extraordinarily rich in detail even in the zoom. In every scene you can really look around for a long time and explore what else is hidden; very well hidden. Playfully Time Trap is a challenge for the short-term memory, because only if you find the objects fast enough behind each other, there are corresponding stars and only with the stars you get to the next level. That's actually anything but easy in places. Unfortunately, the story itself is a bit short, but that's something you can easily get over. Every picture tells more than just any storyline. However, there is one tiny disadvantage: Without a zoom factor some picture puzzles become almost impossible to solve. Since zooming only works via the mouse wheel, it is hardly playable on a laptop without an additional mouse or other scroll function.I highly recommend Time Trap for sci-fi, hidden object and art lovers. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Finding Paradise Freebird Games

Finding Paradise is a classic 2D RPG with a deep and dramatic story. It's hard for me to find a beginning because this game has been produced incredibly professionally in all facets. I had expected a sequel of "To The Moon", because the two doctors were established as protagonists again. That's not the case. Finding Paradise is an independent production and definitely stands out from the first game. Freebird Games has invested even more time and love into the music, the graphics and the story and every minute is exciting, heartbreaking and sad. Until the last minutes of the story you can only guess what it is all about and then experience an extremely exciting plot twist. Finding Paradise is incredibly melancholic and beautiful at the same time, that you can play the game a second time even after years. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Sword Daughter Hanabira, Hanako Games

Sword Daughter is a 30 min short chose your own adventure/visual novel game with a female protagonist. The game is characterized by wonderful artwork, pleasant music and very well elaborated backgrounds. The inspiration is definitely in the templates from the 80-90' and is therefore a classic gamebook. If you want to experience a short adventure in between, Sword Daughter is a good choice. Personally I liked this indie game.Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Rise To Ruins Raymond Doerr, SixtyGig Games

Rise To Ruins is a ultra epic village sim in oldschool pixel-art and tower defense elements. If you like complex games that require a lot of effort, you will be well served here, because the learning curve at RTR is high. The controls are already intuitive and logical and you immediately notice that a professional developer is working on a great Alpha version. So many loving details, hints, texts, graphics and maps make this game a feast for the eyes of every fan of this kind of survival game. It's nothing to play in between and you should bring a lot of time and patience with you to build your village in peace, to protect it with walls and to build towers against the hordes. The music is beautifully composed and fits this setting. All in all, Rise To Ruins is a buy recommendation, because the price alone is more than justified. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Age of Wonders III Triumph Studios, Paradox Interactive

This is the game I've been looking for weeks. A fantasy strategy game from a mixture of Heroes of Might and Magic and Civilisation. You start as the heiress of the elves to unite the decayed realm, you conquer castles, wage wars, practice diplomacy and unit management. On the journeys you can work magic, find treasures and resources and fight against gangs of robbers. The combat system is well structured and attacks are carried out per turn. The animations and effects are adapted to the fantasy genre and colorful. The control is intuitive and does not differ from other game titles from this sector. There are background stories that allow the player to dive deeper into the game. The drawings are ok and correspond to the simple quality standard. The music is wonderful and fits very well to the game. I positively noticed the speaker of the elf, who breathes life into the char with her voice. Age of Wonders 3 appears with balanced graphics and can keep players busy for up to several hours. I can already see that I will invest a lot of hours in this game. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

FTL: Faster Than Light Subset Games

Faster Than Light came out in 2012 and since then has lost nothing of its thrilling gameplay. The spaceship simulation rougelike is kept in simple pixel style and more complex than it looks at first glance. You steer a spaceship through randomly created space and flee from the rebels. You can fight against pirates or other ships. Help wounded or refugees and refresh your supplies in shops. The game is also challenging on simple level and sher often you run out of oxigen or shields collapse until your own spaceship is destroyed. But if you defeat an enemy, you can plumb his remains and make another warp jump. Faster than light is suitable for a quick round in between. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Modern Tales: Age of Invention Orchid Games, Artifex Mundi

Modern tales: Age of Invention is a classic hidden object game, which is characterized by wonderful drawings, an exciting story and very well composed music. You play Emily Patterson, the daughter of a scientist who is abducted by a criminal investor. You move around in 19th-century Paris and then visit Switzerland to meet Albert Einstein by chance. Besides, one also gets to know Coco Chanell and with these two companions one embarks on a long journey to Siberia. I liked the allusions to real scientists and the fact that the game doesn't use 3D videos as cut scenes. A game you can also play with your children if you set the difficulty to casual. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Apocalipsis: Tomorrow Comes Today Punch Punk Games, Klabater

Apocalipsis shows the tragic, desperate but classic story of overcoming death. The scenes are deeply morbid and marked by plagued souls of the underworld, through which one walks on this quest with the main character. The challenges are easy to solve, even if the controls are sometimes in place. Not too easy, but not too difficult either. More important than the puzzles is the symbolism behind them. Everything has a meaning and is interwoven. The really great drawing style also fits. Almost ancient, dark and surrealistic is the visual design of this eerily beautiful point & click adventure. The characters and scenes are very elaborately worked out, everything is harmonious and harmonizes with each other to bring the atmosphere of the game to the point. A must for all friends of darkness and lovers of extraordinary illustrations. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today Fictiorama Studios, Daedalic Entertainment

Dead Synchronicity shows a post-apocalyptic world that brings with it the shocking horror of cruel life realities. This Point & Click Adventure has moved me deeply, partly also strongly, because the presented scenarios are anything but easy to cope with and extremely authentic. There is definitely a trigger warning for many things: shooting of children, forced prostitution, "Suicide Park", desecration of corpses, epidemics, military regime... Actually, nothing has been left out that people are capable of when the end of all days is approaching and the world has changed into a single catastrophe. Both the monotonous scenarios and the whole story are really deep, captivating and touching. We play a main chara, who has lost his memory and has to find his way in this unreal, merciless environment, while at the same time searching for his memories and trying to get the situation somehow under control. The whole desperation and confusion, the horror and experience can be felt. The drawing style is also very memorable and fits seamlessly into the action. The colour design, the hard edges and shadows and yet so many sophisticated details in every scene make the game almost a visual novel. I would love to have an analog artbook for this. Rarely have I been so impressed by a game and had to pause so often to process the sequences. I highly recommend it, even to those who don't like Point & Click and otherwise have their preferences in other genres. Dead Synchronicity is a dystopic masterpiece that sweeps into the abyss of human existence. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Banyu Lintar Angin - Little Storm Mojiken Studio, Toge Productions

Banyu Lintar Angin is not really a game, but rather a short digital manga without text, which can simply be flipped through. No further interaction possible. The drawings exclusively convey harmony and are of very high quality. A complete story is not told, but only the everyday life from a consistently positive perspective. As announced in the introduction, Banyu Lintar Angin is aimed at people who hope for a simple, happy life together and those who already value living in such a structure. A small mood brightener for in between. Since the game and the illustrations are available free of charge, it is worth taking a look inside. But don't expect too much, it's really just a short picture book. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Whispering Willows Night Light Interactive, Akupara Games

I had thought longer about getting Whispering Willows because the title graphics didn't really convince me, but that was a fallacy. The game is really beautifully designed and the more European drawing style doesn't act as a deterrent to me anymore, but rather accompanies the story wonderfully. Of course, style is always a matter of taste. In fact, it's rare that I can be convinced of the opposite. Especially the design of the individual rooms is very detailed and the effect of flying around with the main chara as a ghost seems dreamlike. Not only atmospherically, but also playfully you dive completely into the world. Take a break in between? Impossible. Some parts are very challenging, you have to remember a lot of connections in order to get the story ahead. Very exciting! However, there is one drawback: The diary entries and notes are very extensive and illustrate the character backgrounds very profoundly, but the displayed text is only available in English for German voice output. Text comprehension has to be given by the player, otherwise you don't understand what it's all about and how the characters relate to each other. I definitely recommend Whispering Willows to others. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

To The Moon Freebird Games

To the Moon is a classic RPGMaker game with a generic aesthetic. You play two scientists who are supposed to fulfill a dying man's last wish. There are a lot of twists, events and memories that ultimately lead to a completely different goal than it was planned. The story is free of violence and the puzzles are very simple. The focus in this computer game is on the really sad story. There are a lot of funny allusions to different themes. I had already bought the game in 2011 and played it again in 2019, because there is another game by the developer that was again developed with the two main protagonists. If you've never played a story driven RPG before, you should definitely start here, because the piano pieces alone are so incredibly beautiful. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren`s Call Artifex Mundi

Finally another exciting story with the detective from the Maple Creek series, whose speaker I like so much. In this hidden object game you free a siren from the claws of a fish major. This siren is held captive on an island full of fish people to let a giant octopus attack ships. The background story is mysterious and shows that you shouldn't make a pact with a sea devil. The music and sounds are exciting, the puzzles are simple and the drawings are outstandingly beautiful. The hidden object levels are a bit more difficult than the average, which I personally like very much. After the second part of the triology, I am looking forward to the third part. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

The Bridge Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda, The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

This game is just awesome! As if Escher had drawn and programmed it himself. The drawings are very detailed, the overall atmosphere is wonderfully surreal both visually and in gameplay. You have to think and control around many corners. One of the best Puzzle-Indies ever! Not just a recommendation, but a must have. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Rose of Winter Pillow Fight

Rose of Winter is a fantasy visual novel with romance elements and a female protagonist. Rosemary is a knight and needs a new job, why not accompany Prince Kuya from Moonforest over the mountains to Starcity. On the long and arduous hike, a wonderful love story unfolds that warms your heart. The dialogues are professionally structured and wittily written. They guarantee an entertaining story with twists, surprises and fights. You have to find out for yourself how the saga ends and then you can play the other three endings with different princes, who all behave differently. The drawings are pretty and underline this lovely visual novel. Rose of Winter is really good for cold winter nights. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Goat Simulator Coffee Stain Studios

My grandmother thought that computer games were a waste of time and the Goat Simulator would probably have been right. That's why this game is so ingenious. You run as a goat through different maps and destroy everything that gets in your way. People with head nuts hurtling through the area, setting cars on fire and messing up whole houses. You can collect archives if you put down an ingenious headspin, but otherwise there is no goal. Chaos. Just create chaos and have as much fun as possible. P.s. In multiplayer you have twice as much fun. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Race The Sun Flippfly LLC

Race the Sun is an extremely minimalistic speed racer that shines through its technical quality. I find the idea of the solar-powered craft super interesting and the fact that you have to avoid the shadows of a setting sun makes the maps that are generated every day interesting. First and foremost it's about collecting archives and doing daily tasks. This is done with a really well balanced control and relaxing music. Even though I'm not a fan of racing games Race To The Sun was able to secure a place for my installed games and also because you can play the game without having to invest a lot of time. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Zenge Michal Pawlowski, Hamster On Coke Games

Zenge is a really relaxing puzzle game in an ultra chic graphics and super relaxing music. So far I haven't had that many puzzle games that I really liked, because most of them either have a bad design or are cheap copies. Zenge topples the bar and has challenging puzzles and mercilessly beautiful illustrations between levels. All in all, you'll get through the game in two hours at the latest, but you pay less for it. If you haven't gambled in casual games yet, you should start here. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

In contrast to many simple puzzle games, Zenge offers much more challenge. You really have to think hard and about corners to solve the levels, especially towards the end. What seems simple at the beginning becomes more and more thoughtful and requires logical thinking. Maybe not a puzzle game for between, because you have to bring concentration. Some of the illustrations are too shallow and lack detail for my taste, but they still convey the right atmosphere. Is in any case also a sweet idea to reward every solution with a graphic that continuously tells a story from another world. Everything is very coherent in itself. Zenge was a lot of fun for me and I recommend it to others. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

One Night Stand Kinmoku

One Night Stand is a really interesting and exciting visual novel, because it stands out from other titles of this genre. You wake up with a hangover in a strange woman's bed and this is probably one of the most unpleasant situations I can imagine. Within one of the possible 12 narrative strands, you can sniff out the private stuff, just think about yourself or try to thaw the ice slowly. I really had a lot of strange feelings and in the end I was sent home by her. Even after the game you stay behind with a strong feeling and think about how you really would have reacted in such a situation. Lie naked in bed and talk to a strange woman about a trash novel? I don't know if I could do that. Besides the game I liked the drawings very much and the setting was so natural. Not beautiful and perfect people, but real figures that authentically convey the situation. If you like visual novels, you should definitely have a look at this title. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

0 A.D. Wildfire Games

This is the unofficial successor to Age of Empires 2 and not this cheap comic production of AoE3. 0.A.D is what most players want from a historically correct build strategy game. Very good graphics, beautiful and realistic sounds and a balanced game principle. Ofizielle 0.A.D. is still in the alpha phase, but since it is an open source project, the bar is higher than at Steam. Therefore you can already count on a nice game and since it is for free, you have no damage if you don't like it after all. Who is interested in history and strategy games and loved Age of Empires, will be really satisfied with 0.A.D. I love this game. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Islanders GrizzlyGames

At Islanders I wondered for a long time why this ultra ingenious low poly construction strategy game was not ported to Linux. My silent prayers have been answered and the developers have taken this step and in my opinion they will not regret it. Islanders has beautiful simple graphics that allow a player to concentrate on the game. There is no story to tell and the "tutorial" is so simple that you could have omitted it. The controls are so intuitive that even older or younger players have understood the game within a few minutes. You place buildings on an island and try to score as many points as possible. There are small rules that you have to follow because sometimes buildings influence each other negatively or positively. If you have reached a certain number of points on an island in explorer mode, you can explore the next island. If you don't want to play a story, but only want to stay in the sandbox mode, you can do that and have a lot of fun. The game is relaxing and suitable for one round before going to sleep. I can even imagine Islanders as a version for the console. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Himno David Moralejo Sánchez, GrabTheGames

I've never seen such a peaceful 2D dungeon platformer before. There are no enemies to fight and you can simply collect glowing stones or loot vases. You jump, explore and look around in peace. No stress, no quest to complete and no goal to achieve. In procedural maps with incredibly relaxing electronic music, you can level up a bit or maybe reach the next level. Nothing must, everything can. Technically, the game is so clean that the developers even thought about installing a backjump move when you bend at a corner and can't get any further. Nothing triggers stress or anger. A game to relax and think about, to relax and enjoy. Wonderful sound and graphic effects. And also completely for free. I am simply thrilled and love this game. A simply good work of art. I recommend headphones and a very large and good monitor. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Thirteen & Half Cats Nekomatata Games

Thirteen & Half Cats is a 15 minutes mini adventure in low poly design. The game is characterized by its melancholic mood, very simple story and very pleasant music. The puzzles and the emotional experiences are suitable for children, if one learns the magic spells with the witch. With this you will surely find the 13 1/2 cats and solve the mystery. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Ze Field lilou_cormic, Hamsterspit

Naaw! This game has been so beautifully developed. If you consider that it was "only" produced for a game jam there is so much love for the deatil inside. It is well programmed, the graphics and illustration really meet my visual taste and the puzzles are well thought out. In this hidden object game you have to find all the stripes of Zera. You search through different scenes and solve puzzles. In the design I could even imagine a larger production. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

The Things We Lost In The Flood Dean Moynihan

̡̱̗͑͐ͩ͞This is really a game, which can be convincing in all categories. Very good pixel art, a dark and melancholic mood and always different bottle post from other players. This idea alone, which I already saw a few weeks ago in Subnautica, is ultra exciting. People wrote their thoughts in a computer game and that makes everything even more philosophical and depressive. I won't spoil the end here because it's far too well done. W̟̫͇̩̟͉͂ͅh͎͙̝͚̬̎̒͑ͪͧ̂̔a̞̓́͌̉̂ͬ͠t̶̯̼̍͆̔̎̈́ͯͤ̀̚ ͍ͬ̉̀̆i̽̓ͫ́͗͐҉͖̼͇̥̤͓s͇̪̗͓͌̽͘ ̸͚͚̫͍̗̞͈͋͋t̠̦͚̜͖̍ͨͨͥ̇̎ͪ̂̚h̹͔̲̖̞̪̰ͪ̏̓͞ḛ̸̴̢̫̰̙̗̒̋ ̯̺̥̬͖͎̘͍̂̎ͣ͛̈ͤp̖͙̎̀͐͂̔̓̋ͯ͜ą̻̙̱̻̬͓̳ͧͯͤͩ͒͐͜s̙ͬ͒̓ͥͅs̷͕̥ͭͨ́͘w͖̹̋̊ͨo͇̳͍͚̱͛ͥ̇ͩ̃͑ͪͮr̵̳͖̘̭̗ͬͨͣ̈̎̔ͭ̚̕͞d͙̻̯̓̊̊͑͛́͟?̷̢͖̆ͥͨͭ̈́͑ͨ̕ Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn Brave Giant LTD, Artifex Mundi

Actually I was expecting a sequel to the Queens Quest 2 story, but QQ3 is based on a story of its own. Again you are an alchemist, who just finished her education at the alchemistic academy. Unfortunately, the graduation ceremony is interrupted by a resurrected dragon that almost kills the magician Grandmaster and destroys half of the academy. The player completes various hidden object pictures and puzzles, which in contrast to the previous part are much easier and therefore the game can be played by children. The aim of the game is to kill the dragon and restore the balance of power. Since Artifex Mundi is specialized in hidden objekt games, the technique is worked out and the videos of the cutscenes are in a good resolution. The game enchants with a really beautiful eye candy of drawings, fantastic landscapes and interesting characters. The dealer is really funny and the situations with him were fun. This character can be re-released in another production. Quens Quest 3 has its own story and therefore stands out from the previous game, which doesn't make it bad. Quite the opposite. QQ3 could be the beginning of a whole new saga. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

The Fertile Crescent LincRead

I liked to play Age of Empires 1&2 and the second part was the best. Three was too 3D for me and so I just played through it lovelessly. The Fertile Crescent is a dignified sequel, but this game was created with an incredibly cute pixel art. Even though the developer still calls his project Alpha, in my opinion it is a completely finished game. Just like in the prototype you can play in the multiplayer, in the sanbox or against the computer. The music is really wonderful and super relaxing. The crafting system is complete so far and can only be extended. All in all the Fertile Crescent is a game you should download and if it is possible to support the developer with a little money. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past Brave Giant LTD, Artifex Mundi

Queens Quest 2 is a hidden object game with a big portion of fantasy and fairy tale. You are a famous alchemist who is supposed to solve a murder for King Robert. You have to question a hamster with the help of genetic engineering to examine the victim's blood or to prove yourself in different puzzles. By using different magic potions you can transform yourself into a hamster, an eagle or a fish. During the journey you will meet famous figures like Robin Hood, Hansel and Gratel or the great magician Merlin. The levels are beautifully drawn and the stories are entertaining with their four hours. There is also a little bonus story that you can play through. If you want to solve the murder of Mr. Wolf and like fantastic stories, you should put Quuens Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past on your wish list. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Spirits Spaces of Play UG

Super sweetly drawn and atmospherically enchantingly designed. The levels are very challenging, but it's always fun to think of new ways to get the little ghosts to their destination. Spirits feels like a modern variant of lemmings in a Ghibli world. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic The Bitfather, Headup

I love this game. It's like a pixel retro adventure on the Amiga 500. Did I just mention how I love Pixel Heroes? This is a classic adventure game. Collect your crew in a Tarverne, do some things in town and you can accept the first quest. All clichés are served, the dwarf blacksmith, the stoner nature magician and the young elf lady. The whole thing is conceived as a side scroller and makes it wonderfully easy to play because there are only two directions. On the journey you meet super strange characters like an angry nerd or the red tentacle. As you can see here you won't save on insider and nerd jokes. And if you don't know the epic computer game Carc Dastle, you shouldn't buy this game. Everyone else gets funny adventures with typical bit music and this is good for fighting skeletons, the Necronomicon or magicians on flying mushrooms. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Hyper Knights Endless Loop Studios

What can you say about this game? The graphics are strongly oriented to Rim World and also fits to the theme of the game. You are a knight and have to build up your army, in recurring battles you level yourself to the top of the unnamed kingdom. One conquers castles, villages or whole country sections, kills enemy heroes in bloody battles. Due to its gore factor, Hyper Knights is more aimed at adults. This game doesn't need a story, because that's not what the game concept was designed for. Gather your army and go into battle with hundreds of your Minions, conquer outposts and enemy combat machines. All in one simple 2D world. The game can best be played with the XBox controller, as there are a lot of key combinations and special moves to help you win the next battle. The king is dead, long live the king. For the Horde! Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Hard West CreativeForge Games, Good Shepherd Entertainment

I was really positively surprised by Hard West, because never before have I played such a good tactical strategy game in western style. The story is dark and in some places really rough, because you play the son of a father who lost his wife. Within the story the son falls in love and travels with his new girlfriend to fight against bandits, Mexican bosses or other criminals. The maps are well structured, the fighting system is logically arranged and the user interface is beautifully designed. All in all, the design in the game accounts for 90% of this professional production. In order to stand up to the ever stronger opponents, there are countless weapons, special boni and abilitys, cards and collectables. To earn gold you have to dig in local mines or search for treasures. Farming doesn't get boring in the long run, because you can upgrade your char in this direction. The characters in the game come across authentically and you believe their background story. If you've always liked strategic games like XCOM, you shouldn't miss Hard West just because of this great noir western theme. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Dungeon Warfare Valsar

So far I had some prejudices about tower defense, because most of them are badly programmed, look bad graphically and in the end are no fun at all. Dungeon Warfare is the exact opposite of all these negative points. For little money you get loving pixel graphics and very good game mechanics. The concept of this genre is quite simple. Build traps (in a dungeon) and protect your portal from the enemy hordes. A lot of weapons, traps and extra bonuses will help you. You can even roll a huge stone (Indiana Jones says hello). The traps can be upgraded after successful missions. There are heroes, knights and other foot soldiers who want to challenge your dungeon. Lots of archives you can collect and once you've played through the whole game, you can even go into the endless mode. Even though it all sounds pretty simple, Dungeon Warfare is already suitable for professional players, as you have to think strategically to protect all dungeons. What I really like is that you can play single missions in between without having to think long and hard. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux


In the last days I bought a lot of b/w games and didn't regret it yet. OVIVO is a mesmerizing platformer which is already eye-catching due to its geometric aesthetics. The game is best controlled with the XBox controller. All in all it is based on a platformer and you hip through different surreal levels with a small ball. You can always switch from black to white by pressing a single button. This more than simple control makes the game intuitive and very easy to learn. Even if OVIVO looks like it's very simple at first, the graphical depth is in the level and map design. The music moves in spherical dimensions and makes the player relax. If you are not sure whether you like the game or not, you can try the demo on Steam first and then decide for the main game. People who study design or architecture should be very happy with the game. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Moonlighter Digital Sun, 11 bit studios

This action RPG stands out because of some graphical peculiarities of other game titles. First of all it has a beautiful pixelart, which introduces the player to the fantasy world with a very well coordinated color palette. You don't play only a hero, as in other games of this genre, but also a merchant. During the night you search dungeons, fight monsters and collect treasure chests. During the day you sell the Loot, have to improve the shop or settle other merchants in the city. A blacksmith who improves your armor or a herbalist who mixes healing potions. The mixture of economic simulation and role play game makes this game special. In addition there are the really good sounds and the music with which you can farm for hours and that's what it comes down to in many places, because such an improved armor or a new shop case can cost a little more gold. So you have a few hours to spend with Moonlighter to prepare for the last final boss. All in all a very good production with entertainment value. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

KIDS Playables, Mario von Rickenbach, Michael Frei, Double Fine Presents

Maybe it's because I can understand art to a certain degree or I'm just old enough for art in computer games. KIDS is like Plug & Play a computer game in black and white. Again very little is spoken and so the degree of interpretation is greatly increased. It's about children and groups. Dynamics, constraints, directions and resistance. The sounds are highly professional, which makes it fun to listen to the game even with your eyes closed. In addition there are the fluid animations, professional game programming and the very good physics. KIDS isn't really a computer game, but when a child plays KIDS isn't it a computer game after all? Mario and Michael have again delivered a wonderful production here and it's not surprising that the game has won so many indie game awards. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Plug & Play Mario von Rickenbach, Michael Frei, Etter Studio

Plug and Play is not a real game but rather a surreal story in black and white. You solve small puzzles here, but they are so simple that the story doesn't suffer. This is really phylosophical and questions love, relationships and other complications. Cables are connected and disconnected, people with plugs as heads run through the picture, change direction. You switch the light on and off and even if it seems random, Plug and Play has a depth you miss in many productions. It goes rather in the direction of art and is therefore nothing for the current average player. Players who like to think about it should invest in this 30 minutes playing time and add this little treasure to their collection, because the illustrations/animations are really professionally realized. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Plankton PanGuoJun

The digital Zen garden for microbiology fans. If you used to like to bring prehistoric crayfish to life in water as a child, plankton is the sci-fi equivalent on screen. The opposite of action. Just watch and click from time to time to feed the organisms or run the whole thing in the background as a screensaver. Alternatively, you can also watch new algae and organisms develop in the water basin under different light conditions, which you can change and expand, as well as the container. Graphically plankton is really very minimalistic with naive painting. Simple hand-drawn line creatures on a black background have a very special charm for me. Of course, art is always a matter of taste. I think it's good when games can manage without the most epic graphics and can stage their own world atmospherically without much effort. Also very well suited for visual relaxation in an otherwise so stimulating world. Allow your eyes and soul to rest and let the microbes splash in the water. But if you're looking for action, excitement and challenge in HD quality or if you can't do anything with minimalism, you should of course save yourself the game. For all those who are looking for a source of rest, I recommend it. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Kyy Games, Paradox Interactive

Sometimes there are games you only want to test for a short time and after five hours you are surprised how fast time passes. Knights of Pen and Paper is such a candidate. The game takes the roles of players in well worked out pixel graphics on the grain. Instead of playing the heroes, as you always know them, we see the "real" players sitting at a table in front of the game master. There are rocker dwarves, hipster elves and cheerleader humans. As it is normal in a reel game, you can do different quests, farm gold or upgrade your chars. Wizards, warriors or thieves are some classes from which you can unlock even more later. Have you always wanted to play a ninja? Overall, Knights 2 is a parody of all the role-playing games in the world and doesn't take itself too seriously when typical trolls, unicorns or sidekick characters appear from other computer games. so the game is incredibly funny and entertaining. Since I bought the game in the offer, I regret nothing and will play in the next weeks still some rounds. Maybe I won't glue the tower with chewing gum. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Hacknet Team Fractal Alligator, Fellow Traveller

Hacknet is an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator and that kind of computer games have been around a lot... but Hacknet has some differences that make the game special. The graphics are very modern and bring the hacker feeling first class to the player so that you really feel like being in the setting. You can also play the game with the mouse and click on the individual tasks, but with the text console you are much faster and it creates an even better game realism. Anyway, if you program it yourself and know how to solve problems with the CLI. The story is as well as with EXAPUNKS rather conspiratorial and you are addressed by a person via mail. This person already seems to be dead and now you have to explore these backgrounds. Hacknet mixes computer games and reality pretty well, because if you move through other file systems, delete log files and old chat processes or read mails and have to deal with the individual ports again and again, you can quickly forget the time around you. The levels and commands are really different, get data, delete data or break into a certain server. There is quite a lot and Hacknet is very well worked out in terms of content. This game has also been developed for a certain target group and you should be interested in information technology. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

EXAPUNKS Zachtronics

EXAPUNKS is a hacker logic puzzle game for a special target group. You should have some background knowledge about the assembly language, because you program the puzzles in a similar language. The single sequences then take place e.g. in a national bank or other servers. The maps are arranged in the isometric perspective and your single programs run as small spider robots over the map. This looks a lot like cyberpunk, but without rain, violet colors and keyboard background music. The story is told very quickly. It is 1997 and you are a junk who needs money for his medicine. Through a chat a guy is chatting to you and from then on you have to solve tasks. The breathed on pixel design is atmospheric and fits to what you imagine under a hacker setting. Tutorials can be read in Zines and you can already see that people from the programming and demo scene were involved in the game. All in all the game is for friends who like to stay good hacker puzzles and move in a cyberpunk setting. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Killer Chambers Village Bench

Killer Chambers is more merciless than some other bullet hell games and that is a very positive statement. I've never played such a difficult but entertaining game in my life. You play the poor Brave Lord against Lord Grave. You experience individual chambers in successful pixel-art graphics. Arrows, flames, laser are only some of the obstacles that are thrown into these killer chambers to give the character a premature death. The game has different modes, collect hats or buy other extra features. The music is great, the story is really lovingly done and on request the developers have even released a Linux version. Killer Chambers is a really successful indie game which is still being updated. Even if you don't like the game principle, you should definitely remember the indie game Studio Village Bench. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Curious Expedition Maschinen-Mensch

This roguelike is simply outstanding in all points. The music is interesting, the pixel-art blends in perfectly with the overall picture and the layers of the individual expeditions are adventurous. It is the 19th and you can discover the world with famous personalities. Among them e.g. Charles Darwin. One travels with the sailing ship to the expedition place, collects there all materials and goes into the jungle, desert or Arctic. You will meet native tribes with whom you can be friendly. If you have enough bonus points with the tribe, you can even recruit expedition participants. No matter what you do on the map, which is generated procedurally, you can have consequences for the journey. So you should only plunder a temple in an emergency. This computer game can be played again and again and doesn't seem to get boring so quickly. All in all I am very satisfied with this game. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Red's Surprise GeloKaiser

This little platformer gets a review here for various reasons. I like cute pixel art games that can be played within 15 minutes. The game is not as easy as you thought it would be at the beginning and shows that you can fool the player a little with simple graphic tricks. The three Chraracter (red, blue and green) are just great. The computer game also reminds me of my early days, when releses weren't as epic graphic monsters as they are today. But the most important point is that I enjoyed it and it's one of the few platformers that you can control reasonably with an X-Box controller. It was worth it and it's free, too. So if you don't like the game, you haven't spent any unnecessary money on it. So you always won. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Moon Hunters Kitfox Games

Moon Hunters is a really interesting RPG with nice pixel graphics. You are chosen by your tribe to find the moon in five days. You will roam through different maps that are generated prozuderal. So they are always new. Interesting are the dialogues with inhabitants of the world and sometimes you even have to make decisions that influence the further journey. The dialogues are then made with incredibly beautiful characters, which form a strong contrast to the pixel-art. All in all the game is a lot of fun and since you have to face the boss after five days, you can also play it well in between. Also because there are more characters that you can unlock and you can play Moon Hunters with up to four people. Besides, the music and the speaker are very pleasant and underline the mystical atmosphere. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Missed Messages Angela He

Whew! Sometimes you don't expect such a serious story. The visual novel Missed Messages by Angela He creates strong feelings. It's about the subject of suicide, which you don't notice at first because the computer game was incredibly beautifully developed. The first time I played the game I had the bad ending and had to let it sink for a few minutes. After that I played it again and could trigger the hope ending. Even if it's a theme you've already heard about, everything fits together. The story is very well thought out, the music fits in all places and the drawings couldn't be any better. Nothing looks like a cliché and that's why everything is so authentic in the story. At one point I even cried a little and that never happened to me before in a computer game. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Forager HopFrog, Humble Bundle

What a ride. I don't know where to start first. Forager is a typical grinder game that I don't really like because a lot of people go on forever and just want to keep the player ingame. Sometimes games just need an end. Fortunately Forager is different. Content: You discover islands, exploit resources and craftet items. Besides, there are as with similar games from this genre incredibly many puzzles and archives that you can solve. The game is (once again) a lone wolf production and the developer has built in his arduous life story as an extra. Especially at this point you can see the love for the game. The extras include music, merchandise, comics, a community and comics. The pixel graphic is well worked out and invites the player to dive into the world. With 19 hrs. you have completed the 65 levels and in some places the map is filled with forges and production machines like in Factorio. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible. HobFrog is an indie game developer who made 100% money with his debut game because the game was developed really well. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Undertale Toby Fox

I have to admit that the screenshots and videos of the game didn't convince me in the first moment. Another RPG game? Pfft. The graphics were somehow interesting, but whether the whole game will be better? I bought it anyway and didn't waste a minute of the game time. How good can a role play game be in 2019? Very good. Toby Fox brought in his very own style and published a first-class production as lone wolf developer. The self-irony with which the game satirizes other RPGs is amused. The music sometimes melancholic and in the next moment jazzy. All in all you will be surprised by the jokes, the allusions and the slapstick interludes anyway and just when you are a little older you will keep smiling because you understand the insiders. Also the puzzle and the fighting system is so brilliantly designed that I almost miss the words. And if in other computer games one or two characters are interesting, in Undertale it's almost everybody. You have to have the game in your Steam collection. Author: ROB BOSS, Pico8/Web

Curse of the Lich King Johan Peitz

This is the first Pico8 game I've played in two hours. Curse of the Lich King is a typical Rouge-like game with beautiful pixel-art graphics. The game is accompanied by Gruber music. There are floor spikes (into which you can also lure your opponents), treasure chests, food, daggers and mystical objects. Shelves and corpses can be searched and loot are automatically lifted. Opponents are rats, imps and trolls(?). As is the case with almost all Rougelike, we explore a dungeon with our character and find stairs at the end that lead to the next level. At the stairs I was briefly reminded of Diablo 1. You can also play the game on the web or in the mobile version. I'm thrilled how much you can get out of the Pico8 Fantasy Console and the game is just incredible fun. Author: ROB BOSS, Pico8/Web

Pathway Robotality, Chucklefish

There are computer games which are oriented to a certain topic which already existed in the cinema. The strategy RPG Pathway is Indiana Jones in great pixel graphics. It's the year 1930 and the Nazis are looking for mystical artifacts in Egypt, Syria and the desert. You have to kill zombies, Nazi soldiers and skeletons. The game is incredibly lovingly designed and the details and allusions are a must for every Desert adventure fan. Technically brilliantly elaborated, Robotality and Chucklefish have once again published a masterpiece of the game's history. Even though the cliché box was very deeply grasped, the Pathway is not bad at all. I love this game and start it again and again when I want to play something slower to enjoy a good story. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Pyramid Builder standardcombo

Sometimes there are games that surprise me. Especially when it comes to ACSCII art games, which are almost extinct. You get the order to build a pyramid on the Nile. Therefore you have to build houses for the workers and cultivate fields. If there is enough material, ships will come and bring the necessary stones for the pyramid. There is a day and night change, you can adjust the speed and the music is simple, but not bad. You get a real retro feeling and I would have liked to have the game on a DOS computer back then. A very loving implementation and to the whole surprise the game is also fun. Since you only play for 30 days at the most, a mission doesn't take very long. So the game still has potential and could be expanded. Rough ones rob your fields or a flood from the Nile floods everything and you have to start all over again. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Kingdom New Lands Noio, Raw Fury

I am incredibly enthusiastic when games can convince with a simple playing technique. In Kingdom New Lands you ride your horse through a side scrolling kingdom and build it with the help of farmers and construction workers. The game is so simple that you don't even have to work through a tutorial. I noticed the music and the sound scenery positively. All in all, the game is realized with a lot of love of the developers, that you can get lost in it for hours. Even if there are still other parts, I will play through them first, because what I have seen is the Kingdom Franchise as well as Asssins Creed, which is quite similar in content no matter which part you are currently playing. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Deponia Doomsday Daedalic Entertainment

If you are on time travel, SciFi scenarios + allusions, black humor and sophisticated characters in comic style, Deponia Doomsday is the place to be. Doomsday is the most demanding, trickiest and most extensive part of all Deponia parts. As always, the gags are ingenious, the completely chopped up and reassembled timeline an absolute challenge and the graphics very detailed! You actually have to think in 4 dimensions, around the corner and back to the beginning to fight your way through to the end with Rufus and his teammates. Really absolutely recommendable as a total work of art, a big praise to Daedalic for this unique masterpiece! Of course you should have played the other parts before, so that the context makes sense. ;) In fact, I needed the longest playing time here and not a second of it was wasted. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow OhNoo Studio

The surrealistic drawings are simply breathtakingly rich in detail, the whole world is both fearsome and fascinating. The puzzles are almost irrelevant, because one can hardly get enough of the pictures of the individual scenes. I am really thrilled! The only drawback: I would have liked to have an additional speech output instead of just the text insertions, which were sometimes difficult to read on the backgrounds and sometimes interrupt the overall picture. I'm annoyed to have accidentally made a few wrong decisions that influenced the ending. So I will have to play through Tormentum at least once more. :) Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

This War of Mine 11 bit studios

Not for the faint hearted! This War of Mine shows the true face of war from the perspective of civilians. Pogoren, the fictitious place where the actions take place, is a frighteningly moving world that gets by with tough reality without embellishments. The stories and options in TWoM are very multifaceted, the graphic elaboration comes up with meticulous details and a fittingly gloomy atmosphere. Even on low graphic settings, every visual impression is optimally preserved. I find a few bugs now and then, but they're hardly worth mentioning, because otherwise it's very fluid to play. Absolutely thrilling, over and over again, whether in the main stories, the DLCs or the mods. And you suffer and get excited every time. A really great game, which also works enlighteningly, because what you learn from it is that war is everything, just no game. Author: Persephone, PC/Windows

AER Memories of Old Daedalic Entertainment, Forgotten Key

I have been looking for good low poly games in the last weeks and found AER Memorys of Old. The game is philosophical, has incredible graphics and atmosphere and enchanting music. You play the daughter of a tribe that explores the history of their ancestors on flying islands. She can turn into an eagle and fly from island to island. Sometimes you discover with your lamp the spirits of the deceased and the last dialogues. This is mostly melancholy and sad. Also the puzzles, stone tablets and the caves that can be discovered are sad in a certain way. All in all, the game doesn't seem to have any real goal and the focus seems to be on discovering and exploring. I think that's really good, because you can relax very well and sometimes just fly for minutes through the clouds. Technically, AER is very well implemented, because despite the graphics, the game is resource-saving and even on a mid-range Linux laptop there were no problems or jolts worth mentioning. If you like philosophical games with a touch archeology you should buy AER - Memorys of Old. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

A Bewitching Revolution Colestia

I am not a communist and I will never be one either, but I liked the game A Bewitching Revolution of Colestia very much. The design is very melancholic and has a well produced music. As a Witch you have to change the city controlled by police and state. You organize accommodation for the weekless, read questioning citizens from the cards so that they can change their views. The city is kept in cyperpunk style and in some places I had to think of the current societies. That's why the computer game hits the nerve of the times and is a social criticism. Even if the message has a clear political message, it doesn't come with a raised index finger to warn a person, because it is a fact that cities should provide more solar cells, food or living space for poorer people. With a playing time of one hour you are well entertained at short notice. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Being Her Darkest Friend Chronerion Entertainment

Whew! This point and click adventure is about half an hour long and I have to let it sink first. I actually thought it was a horror game, but after a few minutes it turned out that everything goes much deeper. I can't say anything about the story here, because every single sentence would spoil the content. It's about an artist. Everything else you have to find out for yourself. The game is generally very gloomy and seems intimidating in its oppressive atmosphere. Most of the scenes are in grayscale, so that the overall concept seems even more suerreal. The music and the sound are great and support the playing atmosphere. Technically there is nothing wrong with the game, because everything works as it should in a good adventure game. An impressive indie game title. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Artifex Mundi

Abyss is a hidden object game with a mystical touch. The story is strongly based on the Bioshok series and has some jump scares that really scare the player. especially when you're playing in the middle of the night and you really didn't expect it. In contrast to other hidden object games, the puzzles are really simple and as a beginner you have no difficulty finding hidden objects. The art-work and design is really good. There is a map with which you can orientate yourself in the game world, which is quite practical in some places. The protagonists of Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden are designed in 3D. The playing time is about 4.8 hours and is therefore about half as short as other game titles. Story: The heroine has to find her husband who disappeared on a diving mission to the underwater world of Eden. You have to save prisoners of a evil power who are held captive by a demon. All in all a good production. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

FARA BrianIsCreative

Fara is a pretty excellent text-based rougelike. The market for this kind of games has been saturated for years, but Fara stands out from the crowd. The colour palette shows a feeling for aesthetics and the user interface is really well built. You can play the game by mouse or classic with the terminal. There are so far 60 classes from the well-known soldier to the cat person. Mages, weapons and everything else you can find in a Rougelike. Your main quest is to collect key fragments to complete the astral key. The game is just as difficult as its competitors. Nevertheless, the excitement and fun on the track are popular. For me, FARA is a newcomer you should keep an eye on. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Enigmatis 1: The Ghost of Maple Creek Artifex Mundi

The Ghost of Maple Creek is the first part of the Enigmatis series and a detective hidden object game. This is the first time I bought a game from Artifex Mundi and I am thrilled. The graphics are perfectly drawn, the puzzles are logically structured and the music adapts to the scenes. The mood is mystically gloomy and as a detective you have to catch a serial killer. You get into Maple Creek, a small town destroyed by a storm. The hidden object pictures are really wondrous and the story is built up in an exciting way. Even though the story is more of a dark fantasy, this isn't a horror game. I had a lot of fun playing the game and put the remaining parts on my wish list, because I will buy them in the near future. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood Artifex Mundi

The Mists of Ravenwood is the successful successor of the first part. The graphics, animations and puzzles are even better. In addition, there is an exciting story that ties in with the events at Marple Creek and gives the story even more background. Also here we play the Dedective from the first part, which by chance gets involved in a mystic adventure again, or is this no coincidence at all? There are a total of 36 achivements that you can unlock, plus some collectibles and a bonus adventure. The dialogues with the prisoner remind me a bit of the movie: The Silence of the Lambs. A dignified sequel to the first part. The developers really put a lot of effort into the music and the cutscenes. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Detonation cageist

When I started the Detonation game from cageist a few days ago, the color palette strongly reminded me of my first game on Windows 4.0. Sokoban also had turquoise, pink and grey as colors. In addition there is a rhythmic old school chiptune, whose beat invites you to bounce along. All in all almost everything moves in time and even the little Dalek opponents always slide from tile to tile. The story is very simple, because you have to escape from a spaceship and solve puzzles. Sometimes it's a bit tricky if you can't see a small tunnel on the map. If I had more time I would do the game as a rythm walktrough and record it as a video. I'd rather leave that to other players. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Fragments of Euclid NuSan

Fragments of Euclid is a puzzle game which stands out from its competitors due to its own design. The maps are in the style of the artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. With his curviliniear perspective and hyperbolic geometry he has left a milestone in the art world. This can also be seen in the maps developed by NuSan in this style. As a player you have to orientate yourself in the first minutes before you even have a clue where you are. The control is supported by the controller, which fits the game very well. All in all the puzzles are already demanding and in some places you have to think literally around the corner. Also the moving lines on the textures put the player in an exciting atmosphere. The game has been implemented in first person, but at one point...I don't want to reveal too much here. Fragments of Euclid I can really imagine very well as a VR game. The possibility to have a look around in the maps would be fundamentally interesting. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

VIVA Mortis Adam Strange

VIVA Mortis is a retro game as it should be. Only 16 colors, simple bit sounds and a game principle which you will understand immediately after 30 seconds. The graphics inspired by the Sinclair Spectrum ZX is a real feast for the eyes. The maps are in isometric view. The keyboard keys can be adjusted. Since a few minutes I'm having a lot of fun here and am even thinking about ordering an old Atari joystick. The story is simple. As Minion of Mr. De'Ath you have to find five runes to start a party. At first it sounds easier than it is, because there is a time limit and opponents who want to keep you from your goal. In my opinion this game should be the winner of the SyntaxBom competition. What does the Atari CX40 joystick cost? Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Purgatory Eduard Mirica, New Reality Games

This is a real gothic pixel art tactical turn based strategy game and I love it. I like the smeared and extra unclean style of the pixel design, because it fits incredibly well to the story. As a lonely undead hero with hordes of different soldiers you have to face the attack of other undead. Skeletons, hellhounds and ghosts can be used in the individual battles. These are numerous and with almost 11 hours playing time you can slaughter your way through the map. Between the fights there is always background information about the story. There is a detailed and balancing long skilltree with which you can expand the individual skills of the player. Defence, attack and magic. All this is known from other tbs games and will not surprise experienced players. At some point it will be possible to summon your own creatures on the field. The music is quite good and Purgatory is well developed for an insider game. One sees the love for detail, if one looks at e.g. the designations for individual sections on the map. Sometimes you can also see insider jokes in the description texts. Just these small points I liked very much. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Last Girl on Earth Reality Blind

I just played this cute pixel art game for a few minutes and find it incredibly entertaining. In the world all women died and only your friend is alive. She is besieged by super pushy men and you have to protect her from them. With a tank. Besides, she always wants to have different gifts, otherwise she gets sad. Among them cats, flowers or balloons. The other men come in waves and from minute to minute it gets harder to keep them from your girlfriend. The game convinces by an extremely cute graphics and sounds, which is underlaid with a suitable chip tune music. For in between it is quite funny. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Under Leaves Circus Atos

I love hidden object games and can spend hours playing this kind of games. Under Leaves is about finding hidden objects in a big scene. The game has great wallpapers and also the main theme is good. It's about animals like foxes, crocodiles, flamingos, turtles and parrots. They live in different biomes and always ask for fish, worms or butterflies to search for. The game is more suitable for professional players and you can spend up to an hour in some scenes. The music and the sounds are ambient which contributes to a very good mood. This is supported by the sound of animals. The game can be used to recover from a stressful day. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Hostil Eteru Studio

Hostil is a classic indie game point and click adventure with hand-drawn digital drawings. The story is about an astronaut crashing onto a planet with his spaceship. To save himself from the planet, the astronaut must unravel a mysterious story. The music and sounds are well designed and even if the game has only about 60 minutes playing time Hostil is a professional product. The puzzles are not too difficult and there is no stress to solve them. I really liked the very atmospheric color palette of the scenes, because the developers really tried hard to equip the story with suitable pictures. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

One Eyed Kutkh Baba Yaga Games

A few weeks ago I downloaded the computer game "It's Spring again" from Baba Yaga Games for free from the internet. I liked it so much that I checked with Steam to see if the developers had developed another game. One Eyed Kutkh is about a pink alien who unfortunately has to make an emergency landing on a planet with his spaceship. The UFO breaks down and he has to go out to find the lost parts. In the following computer game, the player goes on a wondrous journey on the planet, explores labyrinths and can talk the sun and moon off a spare part. Unfortunately, this argues then within a submarine and the course of the day can no longer take place. A culture living on the planet notices this and sends a volunteer on a journey to solve the mystery. As you can see, the game is a saga and enchants the observers with beautiful drawings. The music is relaxing and the game can also be played by children. The puzzles are simple and abstract, so that even people who can't read can understand them. One Eyed Kutkh should not be missing in any game collection. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Crusader Kings 2 Paradox

The game Crusader Kings 2 by Paradox was lying around in my Steam account for almost three years without being played. I had started it once briefly and was shocked by all the micromanagement functions, because CK2 is a grand strategy game. You play a family dynasty that you have to bring through the centuries and stay alive as long as possible. Only the direct bloodline counts. In my first game I had the house Salian and had to take care of a duchy in Franconia/Hesse in the German Roman Empire. There are no big videos or animations. Alone a few game figures are moved on the map if one is in a conflict. Anything can happen to the current family member. Insanity, obesity and envy are some of the less good qualities, which the player can train by mistake. The church plays a role and other families seek power, wealth and better connections. Those of you who love Game of Thrones and history lessons in school will get their money's worth because Crusader Kings 2 is based on real scenarios. Micromanagement is a big issue, because everything should be managed by yourself. Who is the jester or the chancellor? In three days I played a short round and invested almost 30 hours. This is only the basic game, because there is a large offer of DLCs and modifications. One of the best games in the last weeks which really excites me again. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Grandfatherland J3X

Choosing the title Grandfatherland for a computer game sounds a little strange at first. Somehow I imagine a completely different game. Instead I get a strategy game in a low poly world with geometric figures. By the design the game has a unique selling point in the large mass of offers. Also here you have to conquer and hold other areas, but the concept is fundamentally different here. The geometric forms determine the tactics, whether you defeat the opponents in combat or convince with words. Furthermore, you can create new players by sending sphere, pyramids or cube heads to a spwan field and then the following mashup units will be mounted there. All units have special skills, e.g. you can run with a pyramid figure over mountains or cubes through forests. Even if everything looks a bit simple, the rules are complex and worked out. The controls are partly intuitive and are explained in some places on the map. Grandfatherland is also suitable for demanding players, because the difficulty level is very high. Even if there is only one map or level, you can spend a few hours with the game and have a lot of fun. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Archeos Ibispi

Archeos is a really good mini point and click adventure in the graphic style of Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. Even the inventory concept has been completely taken over and that's totally ok because the game is really lovingly pixelated. You only have about half an hour playing time, but that's made up by the good short story. A professor of archology and his assistant land on the destroyed earth to explore it. The museum has to find different artefacts on the home planet. The dialogues between the assistant and his professor are spiked by many allusions, insider jokes or historical assumptions. So Elon Musk and Apple once again made it as a reference into an adventure game I played. That really cheered me up. Archeos is a serious production. I really liked the game, just because of the beautiful details. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Lost Constellation Finji, Bombsfall, Infinite Ammo

Whoa! Just wow! This point and click adventure just blew me away. Actually I only wanted to test it briefly if the game works on Linux and after three hours I played it through on a piece. I don't know where to start, because everything, really everything was implemented so incredibly well. Let's start with the graphics. Like a point and click adventure we see our protagonist from the side in 2D. With simple icons we have a limited number of interaction possibilities, so we can e.g. talk to people or move objects. There are not many possibilities in this game, but they are even more beautiful. The graphics are kept in a gloomy and modern style, which always surprises the user with small details. The characters are all really well worked out and in many cases they have a background that makes them appear more authentic. Here Lost Contellation has revised some of my preliminaries, because my brain apparently couldn't assign the gender of the characters and then just subconsciously set it to male. That made me smile. It's a trap. I liked it very much. The story is more aimed at an intelligent adult audience, because the dialogues move between total profanity and highly spiritual philosophy. Maybe it's just a guess, but did the developers watch the Dr. Who series? You shouldn't just solve the very simple puzzles and hurry from task to task, but let the situations and dialogues take effect. At some passages there are a lot of possibilities for interpretation. Philosophy teachers in schools should use the game as teaching material, because in my opinion it is well suited for pedagogical teaching. The music changes again and again and adapts to the story. Thus individual sections of the game are underlaid with a suitable mood. From one place I have a catchy tune, which I will certainly keep for my whole life. All in all you must have played Lost Constellation if you like thoughtful and serious games that enchant you into a melancholic mood. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Lieve Oma Florian Veltman

There are games that leave such an incredible impression on me because of their beautiful atmosphere that I am completely surprised when the story ends. There's so much I've noticed that positively that I don't know where to start. As it is a lone wolf production the graphics and the maps are kept simple and remind a bit of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Everything is kept in pleasant autumn colours which transports the story into a successful setting. Altogether Florian seems to have a talent for mood and details, because in some places sensitive details appear, which you only saw with your second glance. Lieve Oma has also been professionally implemented from a technical point of view and can be played either with the keyboard or a controller. The camera and the movements of the character are neatly implemented and there are no interruptions that could tear the player out of the story. The dialogues are profound and well thought out and therefore seem authentic. I don't want to say anything about the story here, because even with very few words you would spoil most of it. It's a homage to old people and Florin's game Lieve Oma makes you think about it. This half hour of my important life time I invested gladly. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Space Elite Force Moraes Studio

For Space Elite Force I bought a new XBox One controller, which was recognized by the game without any problems. It's been almost 20 years since I played a sidescroller shoot em up. At that time it was an arcade machine that had to be paid with German marks. Who likes explosions, rockets, lasers, hordes of opponents and 16 bit pixel graphics will love this game. In the background, first class music is played, which makes the one hour playing time fly by (pun). There are some weapons and three skill trees, which have been expanded quite quickly. The game is worth it just because of the Star Wars and Tesla in space hints and from this point on the developers convinced me. There can be a second part of Space Elite Force that I would buy immediately. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Frequent Flyer Coldwild Games

Frequent Flyer is a top view flight independent action shoot em up with retro 16bit pixel art graphics. My first impression was rather reserved, because I haven't played a shoot em up for years. But I was really positively impressed. The game has really good music, the graphics are pixelated in detail and the controls are well programmed. You play an airplane which you can choose from 10 different models. Some, however, only after you have unlocked them. With this you have to shoot waves from different opponents, e.g. rockets, minelayers and zeppelins. You can collect all kinds of bonus weapons, power ups or special bonuses. I couldn't find out how many levels there are yet, but there are more than 19. There are also different game modes, including missions, infiniti, organized and time attack! You can understand the gameplay immediately because the developers don't experiment and focus on what shoot em ups are. Fast and exciting action that doesn't leave you any time to think about it, but always demands your attention. You should take at least two hours to play in peace, because you die quite often and fast. I love Frequent Flyer and even consider buying an Xbox One controller. A classic game from an arcade machine. Please insert new coin. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

It's Spring again Baba Yaga Games, Sometimes You

After I had started It's Spring again, I was reminded by the unusual drawing style, which reminds me of the children's book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" which I loved very much as a child. Also the female speaker is very pleasant and gives simple texts again which children at the age of 4-6 years can understand well. The aim of the game is not intuitive and you have to think a little bit about it or listen to the speaker to know what to do. The figures and illustrations are lovingly designed and supported by beautiful sounds. The individual stories look at the four different seasons and what happens in nature. Everything is logically structured and when clouds snow, they become smaller and smaller after some time until all the snow lies on the trees. It's Spring again is child-friendly and free of violence and I could imagine this title as a tablet port in a mobile version. I would also like to collect the fantastic animals as merch (cuddly toys). Altogether I liked this short game so much that I put the other title of the developers on my Steam wish list. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Sweater? OK! Triple Star Studio, Rock Path Collective

There are many Pacman clones but so far no one can sweater? OK! surpass them. As with Pacman, you have to give your way with a figure on a 2D surface in given paths. The whole game design is embroidered and you play a button that is chased by other buttons. The opponents get longer with time like in Snake, which becomes more difficult when you have to find a way. You collect stars, clocks and other objects to help you play. The highscores of other players will be displayed in real time which will motviate your performance. There are different music tracks that are really well composed. Altogether a game if you want to prove yourself against others to push your ego. Alone because of its embroidered PEPE! the game is worth a purchase and should not be missing in any game library. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Find This For Kids

Actually, Find This! is a computer game for kids, but it can also be played by adults. It is a seak and clear game, you have to find different objects in a pile. The game has three different difficulty levels and wonderful graphics with bright colors. You can give the game to your child if you want to teach him how to use a computer mouse. The learning curve is very flat and you understand the task intuitively. Also the elevator music is not so annoying and after a few minutes you don't notice it anymore. Find This! can be played as an adult during a short break in the office to relax your head. The investment was worth it and I was positively impressed. The game is free of violence and suitable for all ages. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux

Butterfly Soup Brianna Lei

This is the first time I had installed a visual novel and I'm really excited about how much love you can put into wonderful stories. Butterfly Soup is about a love story between two girlfriends who find each other in a baseball game. Brianna draws the characters in korean comic style and warm pastel colors. Also, the story is really well thought out and thrilling until the end. There are hundreds of passages, memes and ambiguous jokes where I really had to laugh out loud. Even when topics like everyday racism are considered, this is done without a moral index finger. The user interface and mouse control are first class and even chatting on the smartphone was well presented. The music is not intrusive and you can see the good cooperation with the musicians. I liked the Metal breaks, which made the scenes exciting. Even if you read very fast, you have four to six hours of first-class entertainment. Wonderful gaming experience, an interesting topic and sometimes very rough jokes make this project a game changer. And last but not least, I liked the serious parts that made me think. I'm really excited and looking forward to more titles from Brianna Lei. Author: ROB BOSS, PC/Linux